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BEyond Blog

AIRlabs works on test and trial areas for unmanned aerial systems

AIRlabs Austria GmbH, founded in January 2020, is the operating organization of the AIRlabs project - the abbreviation "AIRlabs" stands for Aeronautical Innovation & Research Laboratories Austria. Together with renowned partners from science, industry, as well as various research institutes and authorities, AIRlabs Austria is starting to set up and operate test and trial areas for unmanned aerial vehicle systems in Austria as part of "Take Off". The future research, development and certification of UAS (Unpiloted Aerial Systems) will be supported in real test areas, thus enabling an innovation path across all technology maturity levels.

A One-Stop Shop

FACC is promoting the in-house production of components and materials. After all, vertical integration particularly pays off during crisis situations.

Flight Hailing; Flight Sharing

Sharing economy and the mobility of tomorrow

In order to get from A to B, many solutions have been established on the market in recent years that eliminate the need to own a car. A large proportion of these solutions relate to the Sharing Economy approach, which is based on the shared use of mobility solutions. These mobility services need to be highly frequented in order to become profitable and viable in the long term. Consequently, these developments can be observed above all in urban areas, as they are associated with a higher population density and thus a higher probability of use. Overall, sharing mobility solutions have an impact on the sustainable symbiosis of ecology and economy.