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Quality work requires highly qualified employees. In addition to a wide range of initiatives for further education, FACC therefore invests around EUR 1.5 million per year in the best minds and constantly expands their technical know-how. Performance and team spirit are very important to the company, esteem and pursuit of success characterize the corporate culture.                               

A survey conducted at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz in 2017 confirmed that the company was the "most attractive employer brand in the Upper Austrian industrial sector". The results of the study coincide with similar studies of companies whose regional roots are the foundation of their global success. Thanks to their regional roots, highly qualified and committed employees optimally combine long-term thinking in generations with short-term efficiency orientation.

  • Employee training and further education

Continuous investment in human capital is a key factor contributing to the success of FACC. The Group is committed to lifelong learning and, for this purpose, offers its employees a wide range of extra-occupational education and further training opportunities.

In order to handle the time resources of its employees responsibly, FACC already offers selected training courses such as the courses "Export Control Advanced" and "System Management" via e-learning. Meanwhile, e-learning content is also created by internal developers and the spectrum is tailored to the company. Since spring 2018, the module "SAP Material Flow" is also available online. The learning units can be completed directly at the workplace via the FACC SAP system.

  • Occupational safety and health protection of employees

Stress and risk potentials for employees are continuously reduced within the scope of a comprehensive programme, while at the same time the work processes are continuously optimised.

FACC has developed a so-called "Zero Accident Gate" (ZAG) to permanently increase occupational safety. In monthly coordinated meetings between management and preventive staff, risks are specifically detected and appropriate remedial measures initiated. In addition, topics such as chemical and machine safety as well as workplace design are discussed with those responsible for production at the ZAG meetings. The near-accident reports, which point out dangerous situations preemptively and make early countermeasures possible, are of great benefit here.