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We supply Quality and Safety.

Without compromises. Our customer policy follows a simple strategic quality and safety goal: "We deliver on time, cost and quality with the highest state oft the art security requirements". It is our ambition to become the market leader in quality and safety and expand this position. Accordingly, continuous improvements and innovative development are indispensable elements and vital guiding principles for our company.

FACC Quality and Safety Policy | PDF 38.80 KB

FACC Environmental, Health and Safety Policy | PDF 548.66 KB

High corporate standards

We are operating in line with the EN/AS9100&9110 quality management system and have been certified accordingly by an external organization. The internal standardization of processes such as product creation as well as defined rules for successful work and collaboration ensure efficiency and guarantee safety and security.

EN / AS 9100 Quality System Approval | PDF 2.25 MB

EN / AS 9110 Quality System Approval | PDF 2.62 MB

Approvals and Certifications

We meet the requirements of international aviation authorities and are tested and certified by the European Aviation and Safety Agency (EASA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and the Civil Aviation Authority of United Kingdom (UK CAA). Our list of approvals, certifications and accreditations includes: