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  • Reduction of aircraft noise emissions

FACC is continuously working on the further development of existing components in order to reduce the aircraft noise generated by engines. Ongoing research projects in which new structures, materials and processes are being developed in order to further improve the properties of components are also contributing to this goal. One of the most effective improvements is the application of special surfaces, e.g. perforated surfaces, onto FACC engine components and fan cowls to dampen the engine noise.

  • Flight safety 

FACC holds official approvals for the production and maintenance of aircraft components. Moreover, FACC is a certified development company which is authorised to develop and also approve repairs and modifications independently. 

International aviation authorities initially guided FACC through more than just a demanding approval process. They also verify on an ongoing basis whether the agreed standards are being complied with in full. In order to maintain these approvals, FACC is externally audited eight times a year to obtain the coveted certificates. This means that FACC customers can rely on proven premium quality.

  • Export control

Due to its specific line of business, FACC is subject to international export control regulations. These ensure that we cooperate exclusively with permissible organisations and persons.

  • Mobility increase

Affordable air tickets have not only "democratized" aviation worldwide, but also created a new dimension of human interaction and communication. FACC components make planes lighter, quieter and more efficient. The savings achieved can be passed on to their passengers by the airlines and thus win new customers. With innovations and the constant evolution of their products and their (environmental) quality, FACC is making an important contribution to making the world "smaller" in the future as well as helping to reduce its negative impact