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FACC attaches great strategic importance and economic significance to its commitment to sustainability, which enjoys a high level of recognition.  After all, sustainability within the company also stands for progress and the future.

The FACC Group's sustainability management is deeply rooted in its corporate strategy and reports directly to the Management Board. The aim of sustainability management is to take due consideration of the environmental and societal impacts of each business process, and to reconcile the company's economic imperatives with socio-ecological considerations. Sustainability management and the operating units cooperate closely with each other.

Sustainability management | PDF 195.13 KB

Sustainability report of FACC AG

This (consolidated) non-financial report serves to fulfill the reporting obligations of the FACC Group with regard to the Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act pursuant to § 267a of the Austrian Commercial Code (UGB) in addition to its concern for transparent and proactive communication in the matter of sustainability. 


Sustainability Report 2018/19 | PDF 3.60 MB

Sustainability Report 2017/18 | PDF 6.13 MB


The Report was prepared in accordance with the 2016 standards of the Global  Reporting Initiative (GRI), "Core" option, includes the GRI Index (page 55) and covers the period from 1 March 2018 to 28 February 2019. This Sustainability Report was not externally assured in the first year.