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An apprenticeship with FACC

Where you can give your life wings

Isn't the thought that the results of your work will fly around the world intriguing? Be a part of the FACC Crew. At FACC, you can put your skills to good use and lay the foundation for a successful life-long career.

Apprenticeship Brochure | PDF 1.63 MB

What to expect at FACC

How does the everyday life of apprentices at FACC looks like? Our CEO Robert Machtlinger and the apprentices Tamara (fourth apprenticeship year in plastics engineering) and Christoph (third apprenticeship year in design engineering) will give you an insight into the FACC world.

Our offer includes:

  • Apprenticeships with a future
  • Working in the fascinating sector of aviation
  • An excellent working atmosphere
  • An apprenticeship shop featuring the latest equipment
  • Better-than-average apprenticeship pay
  • Personality training
  • Premiums for your achievements at school and on the job
  • Provision of work clothes free of charge
  • Outings and leisure activities for our apprentices
  • Special classes and time to prepare for the final apprenticeship examination 
  • Additional training opportunities at partner companies and apprenticeships with a higher school leaving certificate
What I like best being treated like an adult. Being part of such a great community is fun - it never gets boring!

Jana, Design Engineer

Your start at FACC 

Our selection process includes the application documents, the trial, the aptitude test and a group work. When you are on board, your training starts in mid-August. According to the collective agreement (wood processing industry), the apprenticeship compensation for the 1st year of apprenticeship amounts EUR 768.20 gross/month. 

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Christine Haslinger: | +43/59/616-2097

We offer you an insight into our daily work – simply contact our respective instructor: 

In the 8th grade:

Watch, try and ask questions - make an appointment for a day at FACC! 

In the 9th grade: 

On two consecutive days you can get to know your desired profession in a practical way. We will introduce you to the daily work processes and activities as well as to the machines in detail!

Send us your application documents, preferably online: 

  • Letter of application 
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form 
  • Letter of motivation 
  • Why do you want to start this education? 
  • Why are you the right person for an apprenticeship at FACC? 
  • Full Year Certificate of the 8th School Level 
  • Half-year report of the 9th grade (e. g. poly certificate, as soon as available) 
  • Passport copy

With the award of the federal coat of arms with the addition "nationally recognized training enterprise"; we received a special seal of quality in the area of training young people.



We were awarded the ineo award of the WKO Oberösterreich as an exemplary training company.

ineo - Auszeichnung vorbildlicher Lehrbetrieb 2019 bis 2022