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Corporate Governance

The Austrian Code of Corporate Governance (ACCG) provides Austrian stock corporations with a framework for the management and control of enterprises. It covers the standards of good corporate management common in international business practice as well as the most important provisions of Austrian corporation law that are of relevance in this context. The Code aims to establish a system of management and control of companies and groups that is accountable and is geared to creating sustainable, long-term value. The Code is designed to increase the degree of transparency for all stakeholders of a company.

Please find the executive bodies here

Declaration of commitment

FACC AG respects the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance (ACCG) and committed itself for the first time to compliance with the provisions contained in this Code in 2014, following the first listing of the company shares on the prime market of the Vienna Stock Exchange. The Supervisory Board has also unanimously resolved to fully adhere to the ACCG. The code is available on the Internet at in the currently valid version. In accordance with Rule 60 of the ACCG, FACC AG is required to prepare and publish a Corporate Governance Report.

Corporate Governance Bericht 2014/15 | PDF 638.28 KB

Corporate Governance Bericht 2015/16 | PDF 689.87 KB

Corporate Governance Report 2016/17 | PDF 126.04 KB

Corporate Governance Report 2017/18 | PDF 138.63 KB

Corporate Governance Report 2018/19 | PDF 206.85 KB

Corporate Governance Report 2019 | PDF 898.49 KB

Corporate Governance Report 2020 | PDF 266.35 KB

Corporate Governance Report 2021 | PDF 211.84 KB

Corporate Governance Report 2022 | PDF 198.95 KB

Corporate Governance Report 2023 | PDF 401.56 KB

Remuneration Policy

Renumeration policy | PDF 645.66 KB

Remuneration policy | PDF 177.36 KB


Remuneration Report according §78d Stock Corporation Act

Remuneration Report 2020 | PDF 917.76 KB

Remuneration Report_2021 | PDF 151.80 KB

Remuneration Report 2022 | PDF 167.87 KB

Remuneration Report 2023 | PDF 284.43 KB


Evaluation Corporate Governance Code

In accordance with the provisions of the law, compliance with the Austrian Corporate Governance Code was assessed by an external auditor. The outcome of the assessment confirms that corporate governance is integral to FACC. The last evaluation was conducted by rosa Elefant OG for the fiscal year 2021.

FACC Report 2018/19 ACGC | PDF 399.86 KB

FACC report 2021_rosa Elefant_EN | PDF 223.66 KB



FACC_Statute_20230805 | PDF 305.76 KB


Director Dealings

Until July 3, 2016 Director Dealings were published via the Financial Market Authority (FMA). Director Dealings, which were apporoved by the notifiable Person and reported to the FMA are availabe via the following link: 

As of July 3, 2016 Director Dealings will be published here. 

Number of Shares
Price per Share
Total Value
Aleš Stárek
August 10, 2018
EUR 19.40
EUR 19,400.00
German only
Reported on August 13, 2018
Aleš Stárek
July 23, 2019
EUR 10.98
EUR 19,980.00

Reported on July 23, 2018
Robert Machtlinger
July 24, 2019
EUR 10.92
EUR 19,921.00

Reported on July 24, 2018
Robert Machtlinger
August 26, 20205,500EUR 5.62EUR 30,910.00German onlyReported on August 28, 2020
Aleš Stárek
August 26, 20202,000EUR 5.62EUR 11,240.00German onlyReported on August 28, 2020

Stock exchange prospectus

Since 2013 FACC AG is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

On June 24, 2013 FACC AG issued a bond in a volume of EUR 90 million. Iusser of this bond is FACC Operations Gmbh.

FACC Anleihe 2013 Prospekt | PDF 915.30 KB

On June 24, 2013 FACC AG issued a bond in a volume of EUR 90 million. Iusser of this bond is FACC Operations Gmbh.

IPO Prospectus 2014 | PDF 2.07 MB