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Aftermarket Services

Repair, Refurbish & Replace

We are a true one-stop shop. Building on the competence of an OEM and a highly effective infrastructure in America, Asia, and Europe, we ensure that your aircraft will be ready to take off again sooner and with better fuel economy. We offer our customers all the standard maintenance and repair services and are qualified to provide design services for repairs and modifications. These include both structures as well as engines and interiors.


FACC Maintenance Service – MRO

We are an FAA, TCCA and EASA certified component repair partner. Choosing FACC means manufacturer quality, minimal on-the-ground times, and low prices. Our teams of seasoned experts at our specialized repair facilities in Wichita (U.S.), Montreal (Canada), and Ried (Austria) are at your beck and call.

FACC Design Service  

As an EASA Part 21J approved design organization, we are a partner for OEMs, CAMOS, and maintenance stations. Supported by FACC's global development and testing facilities, we offer high expertise in the domains of  

  • design
  • strength and fatigue analyses

  • fire and full scale tests

  • material qualification

  • certification of weight-optimized aircraft components made of composite materials and the associated systems

FACC's services include:

  • Maintenance, repair, modification and testing of components within the scope of the Capability List;
  • Obtaining of "approved data" for maintenance activities from TC /STC holder or authorized body;

Capability List 

Please find a list of our certificates here.

If your P/N is not listed here, please request the link below for inquiries to contact us and obtain the missing "approved data":

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Aftermarket Services

Tel: +43 59 616 3950