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FACC Aftermarket Services offers refurbishment for commercial aircraft and business jets. Besides surface refurbishments, FACC provides customized STC approved cabin retrofit solutions.

Handcrafted Business or Private Jet Interior Refurbishment

The Superior One-Stop-Shop

  • Repair and Replacement 
    Repair or recover services, testing and In-house re-certification of interior liners, seats, side ledges, baggage, carpets or surface materials.

  • High End Refurbishment
    Partial or complete Cabin Interior refurbishment with Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). Our clients gain from our highly experienced and innovative team of engineers, designers and master craftsmen.

  • Custom Interior & Layout Change
    Luxury custom interiors for a range of cabin modifications, innovative design concepts, with comprehensive layout changes. Plus in-house certification competences supporting major design changes.

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For further information please contact:

William Jewer
Director Business Aircraft
Mobile: +1 514 774 0549
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Passenger Luggage Space Upgrade

  • Allows 5 instead of 3 roller bags per 4 frame overhead luggage bin
  • Plus 67 % Luggage Space (Based on bag size 22" x 14" x 11")
  • More space for luggage means improved boarding time and saving cost caused by boarding delays
  • Fast and easy retrofit overnight (7-9 hours)
  • EASA STC approved
  • Improved appearance and a more modern feel to the main cabin
  • Compartment décor, color and various latch designs available for customization and individuality (e.g. incl. airline logo)
  • The new retrofit doors for classic cabin interior of A318, A319, A320, A321 aircrafts to increase overhead baggage capacity

Passenger Luggage Space Upgrade | PDF 576.21 KB


Center Ceiling Stowage

  • Provisions for less frequently used equipment
  • More space for bulky luggage, emergency equipment, crew luggage, galley equipment, newspapers; ...
  • Reduction of costs caused by boarding delays
  • High flexibility with diverse positions (forward, center and aft position)
  • Short lead time
  • Weight (empty): about 20.5kg/45lbs
  • Payload: 38.5kg/84lbs
  • New enhanced structure connection for Part 145 companies
  • 50,000 life cycles (about 25 years)

Center Ceiling Stowage | PDF 1.64 MB


LAV4ALL - 100% barrier-free

  • 100% barrier-free for passengers with reduced mobility
  • More free moving space inside despite same external dimensions compared to an existing A320 lavatory
  • Retrofitable for A3SA aircraft. For other narrow- and wide-body aircraft types available on request
  • The maximum capacity of seats will remain unchanged due to a width of only 930mm (in flight direction)
  • A range of additional features for passengers with different handicaps and requirements
  • Appreciation for passengers with disabilities
  • Increase of travel comfort
  • Hygienic surfaces, seamless design

Lav4All barrier free Lavatory for All | PDF 269.42 KB


Find out more at: Lavatory - 100% barriere-free ( 

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