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As an original manufacturer FACC offers tailor made part solutions for your commercial aircraft or business jet. FACC and its distributor network ensure your mobility and the company is a reliable partner close to wherever you are.

Cost Saving Lip Seals:

FACC Aftermarket Services puts an end to the high replacement rate of seals for flap track fairings for Embraer 190 & 195!

  • The OEM Lip Seals are made of silicone material, which means they have to be replaced very frequently due to erosion.
  • FACC has developed Lip Seals made of polyurethane which are much more resistant to erosion.
  • The design is also responsible for this optimization, as more rubber-support is used outside in the airflow.
  • The layup concept ensures a proper erosion resistance on the affected seal area.

Cost Saving Lip Seals | PDF 69.38 KB

  • Service Information Letter

SIL_E190-57-50-0038_RevB | PDF 628.81 KB

Cost Saving Front Seals