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Interview with CFO Aleš Stárek at the Münchner Kapitalmarkt Konferenz


FACC wants to leave court decision behind - 2022: "We have seen the bottom, it will go up step by step"

For FACC AG, 2021 was also a burden year due to the court arbitration decision and a related one-time hit on earnings for 2021. 

CFO Aleš Stárek wants to put this "slap in the face" behind him. The FACC crew has done so much this year to compensate the negative influences of Corona and the operating result show that the chosen way is the right one.  He is  optimistic for 2022: "You have to be optimistic but stay realistic, no wonder will happen." It was clear from the beginning that the Corona issue is not over after one year it will take years to catch up with pre-Corona revenues. Revenue growth of around 5% is planned for 2022, and pre-Corona levels will probably not be reached again until 2024/25, he said. "We have seen the bottom, it will go up step by step." 

The whole interview in German can be found here.