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Together. For each other.


Now it counts even more than usual: For each other. To each other. FACC says THANK YOU and looks proudly at the solidarity of its employees.

FACC believes in team spirit, in the power of group dynamics identifying a common goal. We are working on the mobility of the future. Connecting worlds, creating (air-) bridges. We believe in solution-oriented work, discipline and good preparation. We are determined to make the right decisions, as it is precisely these factors that ultimately lead to our joint success.

Above all, we would like to thank those who are fighting this pandemic: doctors and nursing staff and all those in the public sector who care for others and work hard to stop the spread of the virus.

Our thanks also go to all other people in society who continue to act for the common good under these difficult conditions.

At FACC, we are therefore particularly concerned to support these efforts while ensuring the safety and health of our employees.

Let us put it in a nutshell: The challenge for us is to do both at the same time. On the one hand, we do everything we can to support our customers and partners. Every day they rely on our components and solutions. We owe them our full support. At the same time, we work together with our social partners and implement all necessary measures to guarantee or ensure the health and safety of our 3500 FACC employees worldwide.

What is counting right now is justified hope. We have hope and confidence that tomorrow will be better than today. Yes, FACC can rightly claim that we have already successfully mastered difficult phases in the past. Then as now, we can look back on incredible solidarity and tireless commitment of the entire crew. We are proud of this.

Everyone makes their contribution. No matter whether it is short-time work, home office or all those who go to work every day to keep the business running. Whether it's free snack packages or the financing of a FACC hardship fund for severely affected employees through the managers' waiving of 20 percent of their income during short-time work.

Everyone makes their contribution. A valuable contribution - because values are the building blocks of the future. Driven by camaraderie and a common goal in mind, we, as a group, achieve more than one person alone and we feel this all the more strongly today:

Together. For each other. - That much is certain. Yes: #wecanhandlethis.

Thank you all and Happy Easter!