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FACC goes on the air with podcast series


Together with Austrian Airlines, Vienna Airport and Frequentis, FACC launches the first aviation podcast in German-speaking countries.

The world of aviation to listen to - this is the motto of the first aviation podcast in the German-speaking world. Initiated by FACC, Austrian Airlines, Vienna Airport and Frequentis, the podcast series will provide a lot of background information to satisfy the high interest in the aviation industry.

In the 12 episodes of the first season, journalist and aviation expert Michael Csoklich explains everything you need to know about aviation: From “How does an airplane fly” to “How does one actually become a pilot” to “Zen and the art of aircraft maintenance”. The contents, which are produced in German, are designed to be simple, understandable and explanatory.

"Passenger traffic in Vienna grew by 25% between January and May 2019, and we are currently seeing similar growth rates for podcasts."

Peter Kleemann, Head of Press Office and Spokesman


For the moment, Flightcast will be released every two weeks. The hosting platform is buzzsprout, where the first two episodes “How to become a pilot” and “Why does an airplane fly” are already published. The episodes of 40 minutes each can also be viewed on the following pages:

Flightcast - How does an airplane fly?

Flightcast - Actually, nothing can get lost

Flightcast - What does an air traffic controller do?

Flightcast - How does one actually become a pilot?

 Flightcast - A question of punctuality




In the German-speaking area there are meanwhile about ten million Podcast listeners. With an audience interested in aviation, the community is cautiously estimated at over 100,000 people.

Peter N. Thier, Head of Corporate Communications Austrian Airlines

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular - as the founder of the flightcast, we therefore see it as a great opportunity to integrate the first aviation podcast in German-speaking countries. We are not interested in the commercial approach, but in the journalistic approach. In this way, absolute credibility is created and the listener is offered the greatest possible information content and benefit. “Our common understanding is to bring aviation closer to this target group, to shed light on the background and thereby to create understanding and confidence-building knowledge,” explains Markus Klopf, Head of Marketing in the Air Traffic Control division at Frequentis.

"We want to approach the topic as journalistically as possible in order to achieve the highest possible credibility. Therefore, we appear in terms of content and not advertising and do not interfere with the editorial design of the podcast."

Andreas Perotti, Director Marketing & Communications FACC