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In fall 2017, the FACC marketing team has been tasked by the management board to reposition the company. It was an exciting and also extremely work-filled journey: from the first workshop to the roll-out of our new brand.

The objective was to reposition FACC as a technology partner of the global aerospace industry. That said, the previous identity was to be given due consideration. This is why basic elements such as the logo, clouds, and the logo corner were left unchanged. "The aim was not to make something different, better or new. Rather, it was to make the new brand also reflect the company's evolution in recent years", says Andreas Perotti.The new identity should bring advantages in the market by further accentuating FACC's expertise. Also, this modern identity should benefit recruiting. Here, the goal was to learn from other industry sectors and, by doing so, generate a competitive advantage. The current roll-out forms the basis for further steps, all the way up to a new content strategy.

 The new brand emphasizes our positioning as a high-tech corporation which actively shapes the mobility of the future worldwide.
Andreas Perotti, Director Marketing & Communications

At the beginning of the process, there was a vision and a formulated corporate mission. "If we want to reach millenials, then we need a meaningful element", said Perotti. This was followed by brand personality, value proposition, and claim. 'Beyond Horizons' was to express in a nutshell what guides and defines the company and the industry: to think forward and go further than others.

Basic elements of the new corporate design illustrate these aspects. Subjected to streamlining, the corporate logo is concise and clear, and conveys competence and high value. FACC's colors on the way into the future are technical, reduced, and heroic. The typography and visuals round out the overall picture. For more illustrative examples, please see the following pages or visit:

The Teaser