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2.800 sqm of pure innovation – FACC is part of the Strada del Startup


Next to established companies and newly founded startups, FACC moves into one of the private offices in the Strada del Startup.

In October 2018 it opened its doors - the Strada del Startup in the tobacco factory - and we are part of it. The Strada del Starup - founded by the tobacco factory and factory300 - is a unique project in Europe and the number one destination for startups and companies. In 57 private offices, established companies and newly founded startups work side by side and thus benefit from the know-how, innovative ideas and spirit of their "neighbors".

The basic idea behind the Strada del Startup is to create a tailor-made environment for its residents - from mentoring and machinery to meetings with investors. Startups are supported with know-how, contacts and funding programs, whereas established companies benefit from the spirit of innovation in the tobacco factory.

It was Christoph Schöndorfer, head of the new innovation unit, who realized the Strada del Startup project for FACC. In a personal interview he tells us more about it.

Why did FACC move into the Strada del Startup?

Since its very beginning, FACC has stood out and made itself indispensable to customers by developing solutions to problems, the significance of which customers were sometimes not even aware of. FACC has thus always been able to assume the role of innovation driver. The question is: Which material know-how, which component concepts or, in broader terms, which mobility concepts are needed to actively shape the world in 2025 or 2030? In order to play a successful role here, we have to start thinking about these questions today.

© Gerhard Gruber/Tabakfabrik

When did the cooperation with factory300 start?

The first time we got together was at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival in April 2018, in June we met again in the tobacco factory. Since then we have been working on a cooperation concept.

What are the advantages for FACC and factory300?

Factory300 and the Strada del Startup provide a perfect environment for innovation. The spirit in the Strada is supposed to stimulate corporates like FACC and give cause for thought - according to the motto: BEyond horizons. FACC in turn can contribute its own experience and a huge network - and thus be a symbiotic enabler.

How can FACC benefit from the cooperation?

I believe that the cooperation positively impacts, and is conducive to, the further development of FACC in that it allows us to follow trends and technologies at an early stage and learn from their dynamics, even as a large and well-established company.


© Gerhard Gruber/Tabakfabrik