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Work clothing


New outfit for the crew

Contemporary clothing design must meet a wide range of demands and be both functional and timeless. With the new collection of work clothing for production employees, FACC shows that work clothing can meet all the different requirements for functionality, technology and comfort and at the same time look good. Employees have recently been able to enjoy the new work clothing.

Our employees perform quality work every day and also bear a great responsibility in the production of high-quality aircraft parts. Therefore, we also focus on the well-being of the crew and want to support a pleasant and safe work with the new work clothing.

Robert Machtlinger, FACC CEO

Parallels to the pilot overall typical for the industry are not accidental, but deliberately drawn. Not only did the FACC colors flow into the design of the new collection of work clothing, but special cuts and design elements also ensure that the clothing is unmistakable and transform the clothing into a piece of corporate culture. Most importantly, however, it was important for the employees to feel really comfortable in their new work clothes. Highest demands on freedom of movement and wearing comfort were decisive in the selection of fabrics and materials. At the same time, the highest standards of occupational health and safety were applied. 

The new workwear includes polo shirts, trousers, coats and a waistband jacket. The collection was developed and manufactured in the last six months and is now in full use and is very popular with the employees of the FACC manufacturing plants.