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Package of measures - Coronavirus


The company's goal is to implement a balance between effective, preventive measures to protect the entire workforce and their families, while at the same time fulfilling our obligations as a partner to the global aircraft industry. Our task force is constantly on duty to safeguard all interests as well as possible and to react to changes quickly.

Already weeks ago, business trips and external meetings were cancelled and increased hygiene measures implemented. Adapted to the situation, the next steps will now follow. As a result, we have decided the following package of measures:

  • Programs that are crucial for business continuity will be continued.
  • Depending on further developments, FACC is also prepared for a temporary interruption of operations (vacation). However, such a measure can only be taken in consultation with our customers.
  • With the purpose of minimizing social contacts within the company, all employees who are not directly involved in production or production support will consume company holidays from Wednesday, March 18, 2020 to Friday, March 27, 2020. Depending on how the situation develops, the leave can be extended up to two weeks.
  • FACC will apply for short-time work for a large part of the organization.


In addition, further safeguard measures were initiated with immediate effect:

  • Employees with previous illnesses relevant to Corona are released from work (vacation, time off).
  • Parents who have no other childcare options are given priority during company leave in addition to the statutory option (1 week's leave).
  • From today, 17 March 2020, all apprentices will be learning at home.