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Interview with CFO Aleš Stárek


After the worst crisis in the history of the aviation industry, the market is slowly recovering and we expect a return to pre-COVID-19 revenues latest by 2025.

In preparation of the "Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum 2021" in November 2021, our CFO Aleš Stárek was interviewed about the current market environment and the outlook for the coming years.

In 2020, the aviation industry had to deal with the worst crisis in its history so far. The market is slowly recovering, the number of air travel is increasing and lockdowns are becoming less frequent, these effects have a positive impact on the entire aviation industry. 

We expect a further recovery in the coming years and estimate a return to pre-COVID-19 revenues latest by 2025.

In addition to the challenges of the past year, the focus in 2020 was also on setting the corporate strategy - the new FACC 2030 strategy was presented. The civil aviation industry will still represent our main business. However, FACC will also enter new markets. In addition to civil aviation, we are already involved in initial projects in the drone business and are currently in the process of establishing a presence in the space business. Due to the increasing privatization of space travel, there are plenty of opportunities to offer our lightweight construction competences in this area and to also enter this market.

The whole interview you can find here