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FACC: The Next Generation


FACC apprentices honoured with the Apprentice Award of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce sparte.industrie

Optimally trained and motivated from the first day on, eight apprentices from FACC took part in the annual apprentice competition of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce in sparte.industrie. More than 700 participants from over 90 industrial companies were represented.


FACC offers young people more than just a first job. The flagship enterprise attaches great importance to apprentice training and encourages and supports young people on their career path. The apprenticeships in plastics technology, design, metal and cutting technology, process technology, information technology – technology and information technology – computer science offer fascinating perspectives in a future-orientated industry. 

Under the motto “Where wings for life grow“, FACC integrates the specialists of the future into the company and imparts know-how. 

In order to apply what they had learned in practice and to demonstrate their skills, eight FACC apprentices who are currently in their second year faced the challenge of the examination tasks in this year’s apprentice competition. Sebastian Hij and Nadine Haselgruber, both training to be plastics technicians, offered a splendid performance at the 16th apprentice competition. The task in the competition was to produce a workpiece that demanded the following skills from the apprentices:

  •     Reading production drawings
  •     Marking out
  •     Measuring 
  •     Rasping
  •     Drilling 
  •     Counterboring
  •     Sawing 
  •     Threading manually 
  •     WGF welding
  •     Bonding 


The participants had six hours to do so and produced a plastic adaptor using PVC U-plates and pipes. The two FACC apprentices, Sebastian Hij und Nadine Haselgruber, won first and second place in the Apprentice Competition with their outstanding performances. 

It‘s a really wonderful feeling when performance is appreciated. My apprenticeship at FACC enables me to actively shape the mobility of the future. Manufactured elements I’ve worked on fly around the world. That’s really cool!“

Nadine Haselgruber

As an apprentice I am treated as a comrade and colleague. I’ve been so warmly welcomed into the FACC crew and can also take on more complex and perhaps sometimes more difficult and challenging tasks and work. Learning so much every day is simply fantastic.

Sebastian Hij

At Austria’s largest apprentice celebration on 14 June 2018, the two FACC apprentices were honoured for their top performances in the competition. The two future specialists received the coveted apprentice award from Mag. Doris Hummer, President of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKOÖ) and chartered engineer (DI) Günter Rübig, chairman of sparte.industrie of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce.    


Further Top Performances 
In addition to both prize winners, another six apprentices in their second year at FACC took part in the competition – two employees from the design department, one from the cutting department and three others from plastics technology. 


The focus is on people and the success of our enterprise    
Training at FACC is more than just an apprenticeship and offers: 

  •     Additional training opportunities in training centres and partner companies 
  •     Apprenticeship with Austrian school leaving examination (Matura)
  •     The opportunity to gain experience in training workshops and optimum preparation for the final apprenticeship examination
  •     Personality training and driving safety training   
  •     A day-off on birthdays
  •     Free apprentice clothing
  •     Healthy food at reduced prices 
  •     Apprentice excursions and leisure activities
  •     Youth public transport network ticket 


Currently 39 apprentices – 12 girls and 27 boys – are being trained in four different vocations.