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Brand, culture, and communication of an enterprise are closely interrelated. Communication in touch with the pulse of time is simple and fast, up-to-date and informative, relevant and mobile. At FACC, high-tech can be found not only in its products, but also in its new communication channels. The following cornerstones form the basis of future growth.

Digital first – our standard

Mobility also means being able to obtain information and communicate the mobile way. This is why our new website is not only fully responsive, but also features a modern design and 4K resolution. Artificial intelligence in the form of our "AGNES" chatbot supports users who want to explore the digital world of FACC, while Programmatic ensures relevance. The FACC blog including an associated newsletter system keeps our users updated. Furthermore, our social media channels are upgraded to the latest standards. And a new press portal caters to the needs of media representatives. For the brand relaunch, we also created a separate landing page under Moreover, our colleagues will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of a new intranet providing worldwide access, multimedia contents, and digitized processes.

Print – provided on top

Brochures and folders on special topics continue to provide hardcopy information. And our BEyond magazine will cater to the preferences of those who would rather leaf through pages than swipe across a screen. This community magazine will be published in two languages, two times per year, and is meant to serve as a useful complement to our digital communication, featuring specifically researched exclusive stories and a bigger volume.

Face to face – is most important

FACC is high-tech, but also very human. The personal contact and interaction with all stakeholders remains our most important basis. In addition, we will increase our presence at specialist trade shows and industry events and also add further in-house events to our calendar. We would like to offer people more opportunities to get to know our company, our services, and the people behind FACC personally.