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In designing BIOS-FUTURE CABIN, FACC is working with a completely new design approach for the first time. The holistic concept combines the design disciplines Interior, Exterior and Passenger Experience (PX) from the very first sketch. Nature, people and their perception are the starting point for a design process from the inside out. The design process starts with the passenger experience and deliberately focuses on passenger perception and needs. The goal is to create a cabin concept that expands the passengers‘ perception. It also aims to create an immersive experience where passengers connect with each other, the cabin and the environment in a unique way.


Inspiration is the precondition for the calm, coherent and yet passionately emotional design of each cabin. BIOS unites BIOlogy and technology, follows the diversity and perfection of nature, expresses its friendliness and thus gives it a reinterpreted space. BIOS does not simply imitate nature, however, but learns from its holistic interplay of elements similar to the Operating System (OS) of a computer as an invisible actor that makes smooth functioning possible in the very first place.

Interior design is artistic creation. Inspiration is the prerequisite for the calm, coherent and yet passionately emotional design of BIOS. We have followed the diversity and perfection of nature to create a reinterpreted space.

Peter Glaser, VP Engineering at FACC


Self-confident, flowing, spacious is how BIOS - FUTURE CABIN presents itself. The completely revised interior design reaches a new level. Flowing forms, topology-optimised components offer 20% more freedom of movement in the cabin while generous, automated luggage compartments and additional exterior stowage spaces promise 50% more luggage space for added comfort.


Visually stunning, intuitive and easy to use: Generous displays are one of the highlights of the cabin concept. They represent the emotional intelligence of the cabin of the future: the large, curved, transparent OLED screens extend sweepingly across the entire width of the sidewall and cabin dividers. In addition to the sheer size, the brilliance of the colours and the attention to detail create a „wow“ effect. 


FACC customers never have to compromise on comfort. The newly designed Passenger Service Unit (PSU) allows passengers to conveniently create individual lighting moods and air streams. Each comfortable seat offers wonderful space and has its own loudspeaker that can be controlled via the PSU so that each passenger can hear his or her own sound.


Smartphone integration connects the mobile phone to the cabin‘s infotainment system via Bluetooth. The seatback converts to a full screen, giving passengers convenient access to their smartphone‘s most important apps. Third-party apps such as Spotify can also be used quickly and easily.



Similar to the warm air curtain you‘re familiar with when you walk through the door of a retail shop in the winter months, an air curtain creates a barrier around a passenger compartment that cuts off normal air circulation. Potentially contaminated air is trapped and immediately exhausted downwards and cleaned before it enters the adjacent unit.