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A New Visual Chapter

We want FACC to be seen as a high-tech company in the aerospace industry that is playing an active role as a reliable partner to its customers, in creating the mobility of the future through innovation-, technology-, cost- and performance leadership by using a global company setup. This is reflected in our new brand presence.

Our Logo

Clear, superior, valuable - thus corresponding with the FACC corporate colors. It shows a dynamic aerospaceform shown as a winglet or control surface determining the direction.


FACC Corporate Colors

Technical, reduced, heroic

The Key Visuals

Black Technology: This key visual style directs the focus toward products, technologies, and materials. They are shown on elegant black and reflect FACC´s premium quality claim and expertise.

Perspectives: We look up: to where our market is, but also where we want to get our customers, our company, and our crew. The focus is on corporate topics such as limitless mobility or sustainable responsibility.

The real visual world: Is bright, modern, and depicts the technological and fascinating work environment. People are shown as designer. This underscores their importance for business success.

Branding unlimited

New, revised means of communication support the brand identity. Here, the USp´s: Premium, Aerospace, and High-tech are top oft he list.

In the autumn of 2017, the FACC marketing team started the rebranding process. “With brands it is the same as with people: first impression count.” The logo presents the enterprise as an upmarket, superior, and innovative premium supplier in the field of aerospace. The subjects for the three divisions are kept in a reduced design in noble black and technologically ambitious. The new FACC imagery is clean and imparts dynamism. The perspectives “upward” for our corporate key visuals show not only our market, the airspace, but also the perspective where we see our customers and the enterprise.

Beside the website in the modern design, FACC will also use new communication channels such as the AI “AGNES”, an FACC blog including newsletter, or a new magazine to inform customers, supplies, partners, employees, and the public. Moreover, social media channels will present the aerospace group as future-oriented, spacy, and with information to the point. Media representatives will find all things to know about the world of FACC in a separate press portal. For internal communication we will prepare a new Intranet with multimedia contents and digitalized processes. By and by, brochures, folders and other advertising materials will be advanced. The magazine “BEyond” will be issued twice a year and is intended as a supplement to digital communication with exclusive stories and insights behind the scenes of the international FACC locations. 

The Teaser and Rollout Campaign