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" Fulfilling the human desire for mobility in new, more efficient and sustainable ways. "

FACC Vision

The rebranding process itself is challenging and rewarding, but it is just the beginning of an evolution.

" We design the future of mobility with the materials of tomorrow. "

Corporate Mission

  • We (Aktiv, One Global Company)
  • design (Premium, Zero Defect, Aestethic)
  • the future & of tomorrow (High-Tech, Innovation)
  • of Mobility (The Aerospace Pillar)
  • With the Materials (Our Expertise in Composites)

" Beyond Horizons " 

FACC Claim

We are a company that has always exceeded expectations in the last 30 years. We work in an industry that requires courage to innovate and to deliver in advance. Hence, we find solutions, where others might stop. It is the people at FACC that make this possible by thinking forward and going further every day. Through passion and vision, mankind discovered the ability to fly about a 100 years ago. It is the same kind of passion that still drives us today. This is the world of FACC. A world that goes beyond horizons.