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The Dual Academy - Plastics Technology

Are you as dynamic as the material plastics? You want to be a part of the development of new products and applications? If you want to make aviation even faster, higher and further, then you have already found your apprenticeship profession.

You have already completed your AHS Matura and want a direct job entry in the technical field? Then the Dual Academy is just right for you!

The Dual Academy is a completely new training program in Austria. You will receive exciting training and a job. You will start with a full-time position at FACC, where you will receive an attractive starting salary. In addition, you will learn the basics and applications for the job of a plastics technician in the company's FACC Academy. You will learn the technical theory at the vocational school in Steyr, supplemented by other educational providers.

Upon successful completion of the Dual Academy, you will have a subject-specific apprenticeship certificate. In addition, you will receive the official educational qualification of the Upper Austrian economy "DA Professional". The Dual Academy training lasts 2.5 years.

Here you can find all the details!

As an trainee in plastics engineering ...

  • your daily routine will turn around a material with a promising future.
  • you will share in the development of product and manufacturing techniques.
  • you will work in the production of engine fairings, wing panel fairings, luggage racks and interior shells.


  • Duration of education: 2.5 years
  • Training place: Ried im Innkreis
  • Vocational school in Steyr