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EANS-Adhoc: FACC AG / Chief Financial Officer Mandate Terminated. Reorganisation of Financial Department


Board of Directors (Appointments and Changes)


FACC AG announces that the mandate of Ms. Minfen Gu as chief financial officer of FACC AG terminates with immediate effect. The Supervisory Board initiated the search for a successor. To the current state of the forensic and criminal investigations, the criminal activities which targeted the financial accounting department were fraudulent actions involving the use of a fake identity (so-called fake president fraud). FACC's IT infrastructure, data security, IP rights as well as the operational business of the group are not affected by the criminal activities. No evidence of malware has been identified. The management board is fundamentally reorganizing the financial department and pursuing damages and insurance claims. To assist the management board in the reorganization of the finance department, the supervisory board appointed its member, Mr. Yongsheng Wang, on an interim basis to the management board.

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