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FACC receives STC approval for its Passenger Luggage Space Upgrade program


One of the latest FACC innovations, the Passenger Luggage Space Upgrade, which increases stowage space by 67% while reducing weight, received STC approval from EASA.

With the implementation of our interior strategy, we were able to reach a new milestone: For our solution to significantly increase the luggage stowage space, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued a Supplemental Type Certification (STC) to us for the "Passenger Luggage Space Upgrade" to be installed in the A320 aircraft family. At the same time, we have also extended the scope of work as a design organization (DOA) with STC projects and major repairs. Within our new Aftermarket Services business segment, these approvals will provide us with further opportunities to benefit from growth in the global retrofit market.

In addition to our core business – the development and manufacture of lightweight components for the global aircraft industry – we have also successfully established ourselves as a qualified partner in aftermarket services with our expertise as an OEM and our specialist know-how in the field of aircraft components.

With the latest certification, we are now able to offer all airlines a Passenger Luggage Space Upgrade as a retrofit for the classic cabin of the A318, A319, A320 and A321 Airbus models. In addition to the modern look, our new system offers considerably more stowage space for luggage. Another major advantage is easier and faster handling, resulting in shorter boarding times and cost savings.

Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC

With our latest innovation, the Passenger Luggage Space Upgrade, we do not only enhances the ambience of the cabin, but also improve their functionality by increasing stowage space by 67% while reducing weight. Our modified overhead stowage compartments can now fit up to five hand luggage cases instead of just three. We also offer airlines the possibility of a wide range of customization and branding options. An additional advantage: our retrofit can be implemented on the aircraft within a few hours. 

"As ‘Head of Design Organization’, I am proud that our EASA-approved design organization and all its staff have worked hard together to achieve the additional qualification for ‘Major Changes’ in a timely manner."

Hermann Filsegger, VP Engineering


By issuing the extension certificate for STC and major repairs, EASA confirms that FACC as a design organization has successfully established the requisite expertise and processes in accordance with legal requirements in order to develop and approve major changes and repairs to aircraft. The Supplemental Type Certification (STC) is part of the required EASA certificate of airworthiness and, for the first time, entitles us to carry out substantial modifications to an aircraft by means of the component developed by our design organization. The launch customer for our upgrade program is Austrian Airlines.

“The extraordinary aspect of this approval is not based on the complexity of the product but instead the tough timelines that had to be met, the precision and teamwork and the dedication of each individual development employee enabled us to convince the European Aviation Authority about the quality of our compliance showing and maturity of the product within a very short time.”

Thomas Bauer, Director Office of Airworthiness