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This is the place for those who trust that there is always another perspective. A more comfortable one. A more sustainable one. One that opens new possibilities in future cabin upgrades, modifications and heavy structural repairs.


Boeing Next-Generation 737 & MAX

To ensure maximum availability and reliability of aircraft, FACC Aftermarket Services offers Operators and MROs a wide range of capabilities for the repair, modification, overhaul and inspection of Winglets.

As an OCM (Original Component Manufacturer) we have a comprehensive range of expertise, state-of-the art facilities, tools, manpower, NDT services and consumables, as well as all required approvals:

  • EASA Part 21J
  • EASA, FAA, TCCA, CAAC, CAA Part 145
  • EASA Part 21G
  • EN/AS 9100 & 9110


A320 Family: Center Ceiling Stowage (CCS+)

The Centre Ceiling Stowage is an innovative storage solution to the problem of emergency equipment, crew bags and other non-passenger related items taking up space in the cabin overhead bins, leaving less room for passengers' carry-on luggage - an invisible stowage giant that is much more exciting than its name suggests.


CCS+ offers the possibility to replace conventional storage compartments that block valuable cabin floor space, thus allowing more room for seating. It accommodates considerably 196 % more load than its predecessor (38.5kg/84lbs instead of 13kg/28.6lbs), and therefore is also suitable for heavier objects, such as life rafts or an OBW.

GET MORE SPACE: Passenger Luggage Upgrade

The new retrofit doors for classic cabin interior of A318, A319, A320, A321 aircraft to increase overhead baggage capacity. For other aircraft types available on request.

You benefit from:

  • Allows 5 instead of 3 roller bags per 4 frame overhead luggage bin 
  • More space for luggage means faster boarding time and save cost caused by boarding delays 
  • Fast and easy retrofit overnight (7-9 hours) 
  • Aircraft weight reduction up to 20 kg 
  • Modern appearance of main cabin due to new doors and latches 
  • Bin décor and color, various latch designs and colors at your choice for customization and individuality (e.g. incl. airline logo) 
  • Robust hinges with quick release system for easily remove of doors prior to ceiling removal 
  • FACC onsite installation training