What speaks for FACC

Our team is of great importance to us – and we act accordingly.

FACC's staff members bear great responsibility. They are the basis of our success. Therefore, every member on our team is afforded respect and appreciation. We are grateful for their commitment and efforts.

FACC's employees will be able to take their time to celebrate and enjoy their birthdays. At FACC, employees get their birthdays off.

FACC's employees are offered the opportunity to do something for their health. They receive a 50% discount on membership in fitness and health clubs.

FACC's staff members feel well. At each of our sites, we offer wholesome, healthy meals at affordable prices.


What else speaks for FACC:

  • a positive work environment with active, performance-oriented people
  • numerous and diverse opportunities for advancement, with or without managerial responsibility (e.g., career as a specialist in a certain field)
  • independent working, with plenty of leeway for people with initiative
  • great appreciation of individual skills and talents
  • continued training and education of all staff members
  • ideal opportunities for lateral entry from other sectors and specializations
  • globally active group – opportunities for short and long-term assignments abroad
Career at FACC. Robert Machtlinger, from a technician to an executive board member.
Robert Braunsberger, from a manufacturing technician to the Vice President of Engines & Nacelles